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ShopZio Overview

ShopZio allows manufacturers to be part of a robust and powerful virtual B2B marketplace. ShopZio is the only platform where you can instantly set up shop and have access to thousands of potential new qualified buyers. Buyers can easily and conveniently shop across different brands. The ShopZio platform impowers business in between markets.

For your Business

There are two primary advantages of ShopZio for your business. The first is that ShopZio provides an eCommerce solution complete with client log in, complete client history, reorder capabilities and so much more and ShopZio provides access to thousands of new vetted leads searching for a business like yours.

Mobile App

Market just go a whole lot easier for you and your valued customers! Want to have everything your customers liked at the market in one place waiting for them when they get home? How about if that information was tied directly to your eCommerce environment on ShopZio for review and one-click ordering.


For your Customers

Your customers love ShopZio because they can log into on website and view their complete order history, make wish lists and place orders. Additionally, they can plan their market and track what they liked from shows they have attended. This is a must have tool for any buyer.

For your Rep

For the Sales Rep ShopZio provides one place to gather new business from two primary sources; your existing buyers and new ones. ShopZio will also provide information on your buyers habits and help them be more successful on the road. Simply put, Reps love ShopZio.

Key Features

  • Be discovered by thousands of new potential clients
  • Supply a turn-key service for your existing customer to run their business
  • Reduce costs by showing live inventory, specifications and accurate pricing
  • Gain insight on your buyers habits
  • View stale shopping cart and turn those leads into orders
  • Have a COMPLETE customer history at your fingertips no matter when or where you are
  • ShopZio is where business is being done!!

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