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Imagine a world where your sales reps can instantly browse products, inventory levels, and place orders.

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RepZio App Overview

RepZio's app for your iOS devices works online or offline. Sales Reps can view live product inventory levels, conduct inventories in the field and put together and share presentations instantly. Our in-app reports let you view your best and most active customers, you can also view your hottest products based on geographic location, and so much more. Additionally, Sales Reps can access RepZio on ANY connected device with our revolutionary web app. Our web app adds in additional functionality not limited by the device's ability. With RepZio you can manage your business anywhere, anytime and on any device!

For the Showroom

RepZio has an integrated barcode generator and scanning capabilities. Simply scan your RepZio generated barcodes with any Bluetooth scanner or built-in camera. You can complete transactions by accepting credit card payments to accelerate the sales cycle. Post show you can take all your data on the road for complete and accurate customer history at the touch of a button. The RepZio showroom solution is as easy as point, click, and print!

On the Road

RepZio for IOS works both online and offline making it the perfect solution for your mobile sales force. Sales Reps are impowered with the ability to create presentations and bestseller lists as well as having access to real time stock levels all from their mobile device. Real success comes from the power of accurate, up to date information and with RepZio your team has this at their fingertips.

For your Desktop

Introducing the new RepZio Web App. All of the features you love on the mobile app are now on your desktop or laptop computer, or any other connected device! Go to & login with your RepZio credentials and start using RepZio in a whole new way.


Credit Card Capture

RepZio has a partnership with some of the world’s largest credit card processors. RepZio will not only provide secure remote Credit Card processing, our partners guarantee to save you money. Whether you swipe, type or take a photo of the card, our process will keep you 100% PCI Compliant.

Key Features & Pricing

  • Easy to use interface
  • Works both online and offline
  • Eliminate human error and decrease administrative costs
  • Configure and sell containers of goods on the fly
  • Put together orders in minutes
  • View live inventory
  • Check order status
  • Perform inventories in the field and suggest best sellers
  • PCI compliant card processing
  • Completely manaage your territory with integrated sales reports
RepZio App

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