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RepZio has Gone Universal!

Scott Mayer

Category: Featured

Our team has been working on the new web-based universal application for the past year and it is beautiful!  You will be able to log into RepZio on ANY connected device.  Go to and log in using the same credentials as you would for the App.  With the new Web App, you can do everything you can do on RepZio plus you can see open orders, explore sales and revenue stats, see orders by customer, best sellers and so much more. Do you want mapped customers for sales routes? How about all of your orders in one place in an interface that makes sense and speeds up your workflow. It is time to have a solution that puts everything in one spot and we are here to make that happen. Check back for release dates or email us to sign-up for our Beta testing program to get a chance to peek behind the RepZio curtain and see what is coming. As amemebre of our beta program you get to tell us what you like and more importantly…. what you do not like before any one else uses it.