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Create Custom Ribbons for Your Products!

Scott Mayer

Category: Featured

RepZio is pleased to announce a powerful new feature that lets you create custom product ribbons with your B2B admin (e.g. Featured, Sale, New, Closeout & more). With this new B2B Direct feature you can control the optics of your B2B eCommerce experience.

Simple Set-Up

To start using ribbons today...login to your B2B Direct admin and go to the Products Settings page.

  • STEP 1 : Create a short simple call-out(e.g. Sale, New, or Featured).
  • STEP 2 : Choose a UDF field to identify the product(s).
  • STEP 3 : Add a value that matches your UDF field
  • STEP 4 : Select a color for the ribbon.
  • FINAL STEP : Click the "Add Ribbon" button!

How They Look...

Ribbons are the best way to quickly inform the buy of new, sale and special products. Additionally, the new custom ribbons will match the aesthetics of your B2B Direct website. Email to learn more about RepZio’s B2B eCommerce platform today!