Privacy Policy

RepZio is strictly a B2B platform and all of the information obtainedthrough web registrations and through standard business practices isbusiness related. In no circumstance will RepZio solicit eitherdirectly or indirectly and information from whom our Subscribersinteract.

Subscribers to our Services are solely responsible for establishingpolicies for and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws andregulations, as well as any and all privacy policies, agreements orother obligations, relating to the collection of personal informationin connection with the use of our Services by individuals (alsoreferred to as “data subjects”) with whom our Subscribers interact. Ifyou are an individual who interacts with a Subscriber using ourServices, then you will be directed to contact our Subscriber forassistance with any requests or questions relating to your personalinformation.

We collect information under the direction of our Subscribers, andhave no direct relationship with individuals whose personalinformation we process in connection with our Subscriber’s use of ourServices. If you are an individual who interacts with a Subscriberusing our Services (such as a customer of one of our Subscribers) andwould either like to amend your contact information or no longer wishto be contacted by one of our Subscribers that use our Services,please contact the Subscriber that you interact with directly.

If you sign-up for a free trial Account, you are not required to enteryour credit card information or any personal information. Unless anduntil you decide to continue with a paid subscription to our Serviceswe still will not collect any personal data and we use a third-partyintermediary to manage credit card processing. This intermediary isnot permitted to store, retain, or use your billing information forany purpose except for credit card processing on our behalf. RepZiodoes not have any access to credit card information.