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Notify App - “Market Just Got Smaller”

Scott Mayer

04/20/2018 | Category: Featured

Finally, market will feel less like a waiting game and more like a place business gets done when it needs to be. Reps do not need to worry about missing that important customer at market anymore. With Notify a showroom front door greeter can instantly text message any rep to give them showroom visitor insights. This new tool will change the way reps feel about market. Allowing for customers to beckon their rep instantly by request at the front door.Another great result of having sms connection to your showroom will be the future report capabilities of Notify. These reports will show you when your customer arrived and how many of them requested assistance. Everyone wants market analytics and we are trying to find creative ways of serving them to you.Notify will act as a simple offline chat app that connects showrooms to their reps in a normal real world manner. Lets make sure you never miss another important customer. Please check back for release date and other important information about Notify.