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What are Mobile Tags?

Market just go a whole lot easier for you and your valued customers! Want to have everything your customers liked at the market in one place waiting for them when they get home? How about if that information was tied directly to your eCommerce environment on ShopZio for review and one-click ordering. Not only will mobile tagging change the way market works it will save buyers endless hours after market chasing down information and matching photos. The mobile tagging revolution has started..just text it! #MobileTagging

For Your Showroom

Mobile Tagging enabled showrooms, allow your buyers to simply text any item number to 737-201-0217 and receive all of the product information complete with photos, dimensions, romance copy, and pricing.

For Your Customers

For your customers that are tired of going to market and taking hundreds of photos only to forget where they were taken or the cost of each item in the photo, we introduce Mobile Tagging!! Make sure your customers stay connected to your products and real-time inventory levels.

Who, What & Where

Want to know what your customers are looking at? Even better…want to know what they end up buying based on their market experience. If market analytics interests you - Mobile Tags can help!

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